Life Enrichment at Beach Terrace 

We know people are happiest when they feel supported, understood, and encouraged to have fun. At Beach Terrace, we believe in the power of the specialized activities in our Life Enrichment program to awaken the mind, body, and soul. Our team designs our Life Enrichment activities around residents’ interests, histories, and abilities to offer events and gatherings that are entertaining, engaging, and encouraging. All of our activities are made for people with dementia, and many of them can help residents with life skills to promote self-care and independence when possible.

Staying Engaged

Many of us take for granted the constant stimulation of everyday life, but simple tasks like setting the table and folding laundry can benefit our minds. As we age, our physical and mental abilities change, it is not uncommon to become understimulated. Fortunately, the Memory Care team at Beach Terrace understands this, which is why we offer a unique set of activities designed to exercise these parts of our minds in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Included in our unique set of activities are memory-boosting games such as trivia, puzzles, and Name That Tune along with vital purpose-driven engagement opportunities as an outlet for residents to remember.

  • Sports Activities such as bowling, basketball, and balloon volleyball
  • Creative Pursuits such as art, painting, and craft time
  • Purposeful Pleasures such as gardening, baking, and other lifetime hobbies
  • Lifelong Learning Opportunities including history, geography, current events discussions and more
  • Cultural Traditions, holidays, and other celebrations bring excitement and seasonal joy to our whole community, residents and staff alike
  • Legacy Enrichment incorporates personal history and individualizes each resident’s memory care experience
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In the Garden

Gardening at Beach Terrace in Stanton, California.
Flowers at Beach Terrace in Stanton, California.
gardening tools at Beach Terrace in Stanton, California.

Emotional Nourishment

At Beach Terrace, we care about enriching your life at every level, which is why offer services that nourish the soul and enliven the spirit. Regular religious services are available in the onsite chapel, where residents come together to worship and enjoy one another’s company. Coffee chats are a fun way for community members to share stories and experiences with their peers and make a few new friends along the way.

Call today and schedule a tour to learn more about life in the heart of Orange County at Beach Terrace.

group activities offered at Beach Terrace in Stanton, California

Group Activities

Group Activities

  • Board Games & Bingo
  • Art Classes & Musical Activities
  • Movie Nights
offsite excursions offered at Beach Terrace in Stanton, California

Offsite Excursions

Offsite Excursions

  • Offsite Shopping Trips
  • Lunch Outings
  • Beach Trips & Scenic Drives
health and fitness at Beach Terrace in Stanton, California

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

  • Morning Exercise
  • Walking Club
  • Sit & Be Fit Classes