Dining at Beach Terrace

Beach Terrace is proud to offer excellent dining options for our Stanton senior living community that awakens the appetite and reminds them of home-cooked meals. We serve three restaurant-style meals daily in our community dining room so that residents can choose from a menu of nutritious, flavorful dishes. Our culinary team crafts recipes that support our residents' wellbeing, in addition to satisfying their palates. Find fresh, seasonal California produce incorporated into our menu throughout the year.

Beach Terrace


12282 Beach Blvd Stanton, CA 90680

More Than Mealtime

Here at Beach Terrace, we are proud to offer a variety of menu options that captivate and satisfy. Mealtime is an opportunity for our residents to engage with all of their senses: from the enticing smell of baking bread to the pleasure of seeing a colorful entrée arrive. By working closely with dietitians, our team creates nutritious culinary delights that incorporate fresh, seasonal produce within our restaurant-style meals. We are here to provide handheld foods, snacks, puree dishes, and other options specifically tailored to each resident’s dietary needs. By providing a purposefully engaging experience, we can reignite happy memories of meals shared with family and friends.

For more information on dining at Beach Terrace, contact our team today